The Electric Giraffe Project
29th March, 2014 by

Giraffe Project Sponsors

I would like to extend my deepest thanks to the companies listed below. Their gifts have helped make the giraffe what it is today.

Murphy's SurplusMurphy’s Surplus: A great source for parts for building robots.

Maker PlaceMaker Place: For graciously donating their cutting laser to make the new plexiglass spots for the giraffe!

Kontron Computers: For the generous donation of the tough little computer that got
us through the harsh desert conditions of Burning Man. Despite the invasive dust and soaring temperatures, their micro-PC ran for the whole event.

Novarm Software: For the kind donation of a licence for their
DipTrace PCB Design Software. We used DipTrace to design all
the custom circuit boards used by the Raffe.

Microchip: For the donation of 40 PIC microcontrollers that drive the LEDs, sensors and control systems.

Invenscience LC: For the special deal they offered us on the heavy-duty
servos that help make up the giraffe’s control gear.

Excess Solutions: For the favourable rates they extended to us on a variety
of electronic components.

Futaba: For donating the vacuum fluorescent displays that show the giraffe’s status.

The Robot MarketPlaceThe Robot MarketPlace: For donating various robotic components.