The Electric Giraffe Project
23rd March, 2014 by

Hello everyone!

I’ve been a little silent here, mostly because I post to my page on facebook. You can find me there as “Electric Giraffe” on an artist page.

SO…what have I been up to? Well, 2014 started off with a bang in xmass 2013, with me showing up at a huge candy cane lane out where I live, wearing all my xmass lights and reindeer antlers! That was such a fun gig, watching the kids completely lose it when they saw a 1 ton reindeer walk into their neighborhood!

And just prior to that, I appeared at the first ever San Diego Maker Faire! It was at the Del Mar Fair Grounds and I so hope this event will transform into a full blown Maker Faire for the San Diego area! We deserve it! The organization can be found at Please check them out and get involved!

Since then I’ve appeared in several locations recently:

Maker Place, with Brian Salmon having me show up and play music for their open house events. Maker Place is where Lindsay is making me new hexagon Giraffe Spots with their laser cutter.

Washington Middle School where I hung out with their robotics class for an evening.

The Aerospace Museum in Balboa Park! Imagine, me, the Robot Giraffe, in Lindsay’s personal place of worship! After all the years he’s spent in there as a kid, to have me, something he built, featured inside the very same museum! That was a fun day, that will likely lead to something more with the City of San Diego. News to come!

Fox 5 news: I did their morning news show! Take a look here for a fun news segment!

Plus other appearances at more schools to support their robotics programs.

Maker Faire is also talking about sending me to New York and possibly London! Please wish me luck in getting there!

15th December, 2011 by

Hello there! With the approach of 2012, I thought it best I wake up here and give you some updates! I have remained good and active, with many appearances and modifications!

In 2009 my owner started house hunting, and has since landed a huge house, a massive garage, and lots of land out in the country for me to dwell in! The garage is so big that I can walk right in. No more sitting outside and hoping the weather won’t get me wet or rusty! But with all these goings on he forgot about my need to talk to folks here in my Journal!

So, what has been happening with me? Here’s some updates.

2009: We managed to do the Maker Faire once more, and as usual, had a total blast. I cannot say how much I love attending the Make Faire! Russell Pinnington, my programmer, came out from England once again to accompany Lindsay and myself to the faire.

I also entered the Ocean Beach Christmas Parade, the largest parade in all of San Diego, and had a lovely time showing off my new lights and paint job to everyone, plus I was dressed as Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer! With my new sound system blaring xmass music for everyone, we once again took the parade by storm, the crowd was overwhelmed and cheered very loudly as I walked down the same streets that Lindsay once roamed as a child. Afterwards we received a 1st Place, Best in Show award once again for best individual entry! This was the second 1st place award I got, the first one being 2007, when I was still all white and had not been given my major overhaul. So, I was now 2 for 2! Could I get 3 for 3?

2010: Lindsay was by now looking very hard for a his very first house to ever own on his own!

We once again attended the Maker Faire that year, and had a wonderful time, showing off more technology and advancements. I was able to now move my jaw to talk, and I had a new neck gimbal, that allowed me to look around in all 3 axis of movement! People were amazed as I actually looked at them as I spoke! Also, I was now able to auto-level my head, so that as my neck went up and down, I electronically knew where my head is, and can level it according to the neck attitude. As usual, a wonderful time was had by all, with Russell visiting once more to offer technical support and eat all of Lindsay’s food. >.>

The Make Faire also introduced a new format to the room we were in. Lights out! We were able to show off all of our lights very nicely, while a band with a roaring Tesla coil took the stage and thrilled everyone with a particularly unique brand of rock and roll music!

Then I was asked to appear at the prestigious Del Mar Fair Grounds, where I was allowed to walk around in the children’s area, letting kids pet me and be amazed at what appeared to be a carnival ride having escaped its moorings and was now running loose about the fairgrounds! I cannot say how fun that was for me and everyone I met!

By late 2010, Lindsay had finally managed to find a house to buy! Naturally I assumed he would take care of me, and indeed he did, finding a house with a huge garage and workshop, with which to build more exciting updates to add onto me, plus, some even LARGER robots that he is hinting at making!

2011: This has been a more quiet year for me, with Lindsay working hard to set up the house and the workshop with which to build new updates for myself and future robots he is planning. Already he has bought a TIG welder, and a computer controlled milling machine! From what I understand, I am to receive a fully articulated 7 segmented neck! When is not totally known, but we are hoping it will be ready for the 2012 Make Faire! Wish me luck!

In the meantime, we once again attended the Make Faire, just barely because of bad weather, but still had a wonderful time in the new dark room format that the Make Faire people have created, what I consider a brilliant move. It allows all of use really pretty “Night Time” oriented robots to show our stuff!

I have also been out to some school based robotic events, and very much enjoy attending those. Dave Masey has been instrumental in booking outdoor appearances for me, so its starting to look like I have an actual agent working on my behalf! Thank you Dave!

And last but not least, I once again entered the Ocean Beach Christmas Parade, partly because the town council called Lindsay and asked him to bring me! Lindsay had once again hoped to attend, and by the skin of our teeth, we just made the long journey from Ramona, and got into Ocean Beach just in time to attend! My run down the street was without incident, and an old high school friend of Lindsay’s showed up to operate my new jaw and ability to look around with my head, and sing to the crowd! Thank you, Allen! So, walking and singing, we paraded down the streets of Ocean Beach, sending off 2011 with a very memorable appearance!

Shortly after, I was contacted by the parade council, and they have once again, voted me a 1st place award for best in show! That’s 3 for 3! What a perfect way to end 2011, with so much more to look for in 2012. Dave Masey has already booked another appearance for me at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in Feb. 2012. Thus, between appearances, and a new workshop Lindsay is creating to build new things for me, I have a lot to look forward to in the new year!

Wish me luck and I hope to see all of you again soon!
P.S. Lindsay will also be 12 in 2012, because he was born on leap year and only gets a birthday once every 4 years! Hope to see some of you at his party! 😀