The Electric Giraffe Project
17th April, 2006 by

Hi there!

I’m getting some updates from my builder, just prior to my next appearance. The desert and being outside has really messed me up. I hope to get powder coated someday! Then I wouldn’t rust so much!

The bulk of the work involved my engine and main hydraulic drive systems. Also, most of the electrical system for lighting, sound and power generation got an overhaul. It really needed it, and one of my batteries was low on water. Eeek! We can’t let that happen! So, lots of sanding, painting and rewiring, and I’m starting to look good for once! My engine frame, main drive motor and hydrostat are all blue now. Blue on white has always been my owners favorite color combination. I’m just waiting for my spots to show up someday! Grrr.

Here’s my owner/builder slaving away. His friend Tristan stopped by for a while too, and that helped a lot.

(P.S. I’m trying to be a good boy and use html, but tonight nothing is working and I have no idea why. Even the simple “lj-cut” thing won’t work. SIGH )