The Electric Giraffe Project
3rd May, 2006 by

Hi there!

Well, I made it to the Make Faire with no problems. Though we didn’t get a lot of images due to digital camera problems, we managed to get a few choice images of me and the faire folk! The reaction of the crowd to me was unbelievable. Everyone was just, amazed and so friendly. This is truely one of the best events I’ve ever been to. There’s so many people to meet, and things to see. I can’t wait for next year when I’ll have steering, and not be confined to the barn. I’ll be able to roam about outside anywhere I please!

Here I am, standing Tall in the Hall!

And then the Mythbusters guys rode me! What an honor! The best compliment came when they commented on my smooth ride, and one said he wanted one just like me!

My owner caught this little girl braiding my tail, as if I was a horse! I was honored to have my tail braided!

Anyway, I REALLY look forward to next year. Everyone was so helpful and full of enthusiasm. I hope to be seen on some television shows soon as well. Perhaps The Tonight show, and Beyond Tommorow! The Popular Science article is due in june I think!

Now I have the Disney gig to do friday, and possibly, quite possibly, I might make a sneak appearance on Saturday to another event in LA somewhere. But that’s only a slight possibility at this time.