The Electric Giraffe Project
7th May, 2006 by


My first run of public events is now officially over.

Burning Man 2005, Robo Nexus 2005, San Francisco Decompression Party 2005, Fuego Diego 2005, Ray at Night 2006, Make Faire 2006, Xara 2006, and Disney Web 2.0 Expo 2006. (And a quick stop by at Califur 2006.) I’m almost sure I’m forgeting some appearance in there somewhere!

During these events I was photgraphed and video taped like mad. My owner got interviewd by Popular Science, (see june issue I think) Make Magazine, CNET, Robot Magazine, Beyond Tommorow, CNN, The Tonight Show, and the Myth Busters Guys rode me! Whee! I’ve been out n about!

Now it’s time for a much needed rest and overhaul. I’m now on “The Pad” once again, ready for dismantling and rebuild. So far the initial inspection is amazing to my owner. No damage can be found in my walking structure, and the fit of all my bearings is amazingly tight. We’re all very relieved and delighted with how I’m holding up so far, in spite of being walked all over the place. And on very uneven ground!

The pictures from Xara are comming soon. That was by far one of the most adventurous places I’ve been to yet!

So now I rest, and get much needed updates. The giraffe you once knew will never look the same again. From here a more serious approach will be made to my lighting systems, and my skull, which up until now, has been minimally decorated. I want a brain! And new eyes, etc. Yes, I’m a demanding mechanical beast!

So, as I understand, here are some of the things I’m going to be fitted with.

Steering. Yes, unti l now I could not be steered eccept by “Wrangling”, which I have to admitt, was kind of fun in some ways, but I know my owner hated it. He only weighs 190 pounds! Hahhahahaa…go ahead, TRY and push me!

Giraffe spots. It’s about time! I want my spots! They are supposed to be some bright LED driven thingy. I can’t wait to see what I get!

A brain and teeth in my skull. Yay! I’ve always wanted teeth to chew with. When do I get my tongue?

Hydraulic wheel drive. Ok, this will be amazing. I’ll be able to walk AND roll? I hope so! I’m sure that is going to be a challenge.

A Quiet Engine. Yeah, my engine is annoying. I make too much noise back there!

Hydrualic joy stick controlled neck. Oh wow, now THAT will be great! I’ll be able to swivel my head around as I want? Excellent! I’m sure that will be a challenge to pull off as well!

A voice and moving mouth that talks via remote control. Ok, now this is nuts. I’ll be able to TALK?

A trailer that is easier to unload and load. Yes, I’m a pain in the butt when it comes to being deployed. This is something I’ve needed for a LONG time.

So, there it is. I’m hoping all these updates can be installed before I hit the road again. Stay tuned for more information, and thank you for all your support!