The Electric Giraffe Project
2nd August, 2006 by

I’m speachless! Tamiya of America has contacted me and wants to me appear at their annual show! As you may know, I am based on one of their tiny little models. They found out about me and beat me to the punch, as my creator was gearing up to contact them and see if they would like to have me make an appearance! Here is the letter.


My name is Larry Chen. I am the Marketing Coordinator from Tamiya America,
Inc. We became aware of your unique creation last October during the 1st
release of the Robot magazine issue. I am writing to you today in hopes
that we may be able to book an appearance of your creation at our annual
Tamiya Con festival at our North American headquarters in Aliso Viejo, CA.
The festival features a modeling contest, product displays (models and
actual), and special sales and promotions on Tamiya products. The top three
models are chosen as the winners by Mr. S. Tamiya himself and win a free
trip to Japan to showcase their work.

The event usually happens around April every year. The 2007 schedule hasn’t
been finalized, but we wanted to start the planning in advance. If you
could please shed some light on how we can make this possible, it would be
greatly appreciated. We would even love to have you as a guest speaker to
discuss robotics possibly or even entertain guests on the adventure it was
for such a creation.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much.


Larry Chen
Marketing Coordinator
Tamiya America, Inc.