The Electric Giraffe Project
19th May, 2007 by


I have no idea what Lindsay was thinking, changing out my main drive motor for a newer untested device. Needless to say when I suffered total heart failure on friday just before the big Make Faire, my old drive motor was 450 miles away down in San Diego on the garage floor! I have one thing to say about that to him. “You big dummy!”

So, with my chest still smoking from the burnout, Lindsay and Phil and all his friends started a frantic search in San Francisco to find me another drive motor. It was a long and scary wait, but soon they returned and drilled holes in me to mount the new one. Though this replacement is not as powerful as the original, it’s definitely working out just fine and I really like it. It’s so nice in fact that when I’m sitting idle, you can’t tell the motor is even turned on! Whrrrrrrrr…ahhhhh.

And so, with much glee I was allowed to take off and wander about the Maker Faire, and be petted and fussed over my scores of kids and adults. Oh, as I wandered out of the building, I passed right by BRAF, the Black Rock Arts Foundation, where Lindsay proudly presented me to them and asked if he could apply for an art grant! Talk about the hard sell! Here was the art he was soliciting, standing right in view! They seemed quite taken with me and I think I’m going to try and give some of them a ride tommorow.

So, today was a very good day for everyone, Lindsay included. Now I sleep with my new batteries being charged up overnight. Goodnight everyone and I hope to see some of you tommorow.