The Electric Giraffe Project
27th December, 2007 by

Hello gang!

Well, my creators and I have been really busy with all sorts of upgrades to my lighting and propulsion systems. I’ve been very lax in reporting to you all these changes, and we’ll get caught up in them soon enough.

So for now, here’s the Discovery Channel’s interview with myself and Lindsay which aired only in Canada this past month. Hopefully the USA affiliate will pick up on us and show us in our own home country! But for now, here we are in canuckyland!!!

The .asf file could be a little weird for some players. I suggest a neat little player called “VLC player”. It’s easy to find on the net and plays nearly every file I’ve ever thrown at it.

The Discovery Channel is going to send me a DVD, from which we can make various files in various formats so that everyone can see this show on any machine. So, if this one gives you difficulties, no worries, we’ll have others soon and in higher resolution!