The Electric Giraffe Project
14th April, 2008 by

Hello there!

I am on the road again, this time up to San Jose to attend an embedded computer system trade show on behalf of Kontron Computers! They have graciously decided to support me and my need for computer horsepower by paying us to be there and represent their name in the industry. The company is very enthusiastic and made T-shirts for us and everything!

Things were touch and go at first, with a very hard to please fire marshal who was not as taken with me as everyone else seems to be. But in the end he agreed to let me be there and even walk around to some degree. So, we’re on for the show! NBC is supposed to be there in the morning, so I might end up on the local news at some point as well!

Wish me luck, this is my big break into the world of hard core computer horsepower, exactly what I need to become more intelligent in the future!

Pictures of the event to follow!