The Electric Giraffe Project
26th May, 2008 by

I sleep, I dream, I miss walking about already.

Ok, sorry for sounding spooky, but really, it’s hard not to be weird when you look down and see your guts spilled out all over the place! Not to mention your own skeleton! Here’s what mine looks like! It’s no secret that my electrical system went in too fast when I was originally built. For the most part, I was very possibly going to be just another project and torn down again and forgotten forever. But that didn’t happen. Instead I lived, and to keep on living safely I need to go into the next stage of my development! So, here comes giraffe 4.0. But lets look back on version 1.0 and the mess of my original wiring.!

So, now I’ve been gutted, and here’s the mess that followed. Ewww, giraffe guts!

And having been gutted, you can see my bones! Eeek! Skeleton Giraffe!

So, I was asked where my soul goes when I sleep like this. Well, for the most part, the living room! Here’s what’s left of me, chilling with the stereo system and posters of past appearances on the walls around me. At some point I’ll have my eyes turned on again and you can look out through mine and see the room. The more realistic plan is to put a camera out in the work area so you can log in and see what’s going on with my rebuild!

Here’s images of the new “Giraffenhaus” too, just as I got parked inside, and just in time for some rain. Yay, I’m finally protected like I should have been all these years. Lindsay should be ashamed for how he took care of me, and he is. So, now I have a lovely house to live in!

So, for now I dream of electric sheep, and hope I shall be operational again soon. And just look at what I’m getting! All new electrical systems that will be modular and safe and fused and circuit breaker protected. I’ll have more power than ever to distribute over my frame, and that will go along with my upgrades very nicely. I seek to be a very professional creature here very soon indeed. Able to showcase items from companies with pride!

So, for now I sleep, and dream of my new 4.0 self, and how I will look and sound. Everything is going to change. Audio, electrical, hydraulic, mechanical drives, new neck, new operations controls and the entire control deck, the works. I can’t wait for all this to take place. I’m hoping not more than 4 months time! Hah, I just heard Lindsay and Russell groan! Get to work, guys!