The Electric Giraffe Project
19th May, 2008 by

Well, it finally had to happen. Lindsay is tearing me down completely and pulling all my electrical guts out, to be replaced with shiney new stuff. Pictures to come soon. I’m a mess!

The sponsorship by Kontron has helped a lot with this desision. It’s time to get serious, so now I’m going to get the attention and detail I’ve always wanted!

After three years of burning man and staying outside most of my life, I’m finally getting some first rate treatment! I have “Giraffenhaus” now, a full barn that I live inside, complete with workspace! I love my new home. Inside it they are going to rebuild me and give me a shiney new coat of thick white paint. I can hardly wait. I haven’t had a new coat of paint since I was built in 2005!

My new electrical gear will be all modular and removable for changes and upgrades. All control panels can be taken out in minutes and updated on the bench, then re-installed. No more messy wires just laying all over the place. All wiring will be in fully encased harnesses based on Amphenol’s CPC system of connectors. I can’t wait for this work to be completed!

Oh, and Lindsay is using screen shots found online of the space shuttle’s control panels to create the ones for me! This is going to look so cool! Here’s an example image. Look at the ceiling controls. I’m going to get panels similar to that type of layout!

Stay tuned!